The Evil Ones

A corrupt and unstable President imposes the radical agenda he has planned since college, and plunges America into the national nightmare of oppression called the Darkness. International syndicates conspire with him to control America and the world. His propaganda machine achieves almost total mind control over American citizens. The oppression strikes ordinary Americans when government agents arrest their families and ship them to secret prison camps. One man evades capture and fights to rescue them. He and his followers attack prison camps, free political prisoners, and lead a revolution to drive the evil ones from power and restore American freedoms.
Can America ever be free again? The surprise ending gives an equally surprising answer.

Who is Destroying America?

Islamic terrorists, the United Nations, illegal immigration and our porous border, criminals, religion in America, the ACLU, the liberal agenda for America, abortion, our liberal courts, drugs, gun control, politicians, public prayer, reverse racism, traitors, our liberal media, the decline of morals in America, and other controversial issues of today are analyzed and the truth on them reported. Mr. Stover’s updated columns from the former Toogood Reports and his other columns make for great reading. Who is Destroying America? is as controversial as it is educational and eye-opening. It’ll get you riled up and raring to fight back against the evil ones who are leading America down its destructive path.


Men Grow Up to be Boys

“Men are boys until you bury ‘em.”: Rowena, in the movie Decoration Day.
A novel of comedy and tragedy in the life of Roger Murphy, who just might overcome life’s tragedies to grow up and learn what’s most important in life. Imagine Holden Caulfield’s tragicomic life in Catcher in the Rye expanded to a messy childhood, messier teens, and even messier adulthood. Add scheming Sammy Glick as his best friend and an untamed shrew as his first love and wife. All Roger wants from life are success, happiness, and true love with an angel. Is that too much to ask?


  Out of Print books by Allan C. Stover
 1. You and the Metric System (Dodd, Mead, New York). Received award as Outstanding Science Book.
2. ATE: Automatic Test Equipment (McGraw-Hill, New York). Textbook for scientists and engineers, sometimes referred to as "The Black Book."
3. ATE published in Mandarin for mainland China.
 Books 1 and 2 are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.